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About Mislina Travel

Mislina Travel is a renowned travel company for distinctive cultural and archaeological tours in Turkey. Our itineraries are well designed for independent travelers or small groups who are looking for the ultimate personalized experiences.

Turkey is doubtless the richest open air museum of the world that never repeats itself. You will find each area and site you visit, different in several ways from each other.

We are dedicated to explore the depth and richness of Turkey’s cultural and historical heritage both on land and from sea.  Our groups are led by exceptional guides who are good lecturers and experienced trip leaders. We stay in small boutique hotels which reflect the local culture and architecture the best. Trying the local cuisine is always a priority throughout our journeys.

Mislina Travel recognizes Responsible Tourism by supporting the local art, culture and people, protecting the environment and creating awareness on the conservation of archeological monuments and sites.

We are inviting you to experience an ideal balance of a flawless vacation and an unforgettable discovery while contributing responsibly in local destination.

Here is a list of our scheduled tours, however Mislina Travel is specialized mainly in custom made tours. You can use the these itineraries to shape your own tour dates, duration and pace. We can also combine any of the tour packages. The size of your group will not matter, one or hundred person visiting our country will have the same detailed care and attention. Please contact us to shape your own tour.